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What are the primitives of thought? Guided by this question, the nature of mental representation has been at the center of cross-disciplinary research in the cognitive sciences since their very inception. One of the most prominent answers to that question is based on the idea that there exists a language-like system of mental representations which vehicles and structures human thinking. This is known as the Language of Thought (LoT) hypothesis. In recent years, researchers have started bringing tools from different disciplines to further investigate the LoT hypothesis. This includes psychology, linguistics, and computer sciences among others.

This workshop brings together experts from linguistics, philosophy, and cognitive sciences, who have made recent groundbreaking contributions to various issues surrounding the LoT hypothesis.

Venue: Bâtiment Censive (Amphitheatre 2, situated at the ground level of the building) at Nantes Université and streaming through Zoom (for registered participants).

Keynotes speakers

Steven Piantadosi
(UC Berkeley)

Isabelle Dautriche
(CNRS – Aix-Marseille University)

Jake Quilty-Dunn
(Washington University)

Eric Mandelbaum
(City University of New York)

Invited speakers

Fausto Carcassi
(University of Tübingen)

Rachel Dudley
(Central European University)

Jean-Remy Hochman
(CNRS – Institut des Sciences Cognitives Marc Jeannerod)

Véronique Izard
(CNRS – Université de Paris)

Nina Kazanina
(University of Bristol)

Sophie Moracchini
(CNRS – Nantes Université)

Mathias Sablé Meyer
(Paris Sciences & Lettres,
CEA Paris-Saclay)

Nicolas Porot
(Mohammed VI Polytechnic University)